2022 Monterey Car Detail

Werks Reunion

2022 Boxster 25

Color: Red on GT Silver

From: Livermore, CA

25th Anniversary Boxster, #639 of 1250 In 2018 I lost a much loved 987 Boxster Spyder. It’s taken three cars to replace it, an agile 911 Carrera T, a unique Carmine Red 911 GTS, and this fun-loving 25th Anniversary Boxster. This Boxster, styled after the 1993 concept car, celebrates 25 years of the wind flowing through your hair. The Boxster is 25 years old and still playing in the street. Through PCA I made many friends and have driven many Porsches. Like the friends I made, each Porsche is unique and has its own personality. As Snoopy says: “Life is too short not to live it up a little”