2022 Monterey Car Detail

Werks Reunion

2016 Cayman S

Color: Sapphire Blue

From: Alamo, CA.

I've wanted a Porsche since the early 70's. The quintessential 911 however has evolved into a supercar. A GT car. Bigger, more powerful, wider, faster. I wanted a small nimble car that's fun to drive on the backroads like the Porsche of my youth. The mid-engine Cayman S is the vehicle that fits my needs perfectly. Now to sell this to my spouse whose most memorable comment was "I said you can have one, I didn't say when." Finally a friend of ours said "You know he has wanted a Porsche for 50 years, isn't it time he got one?" At that point she said ok. I picked up the car 3 days later.