2022 Monterey Car Detail

Werks Reunion

1994 968 Cabriolet

Color: Black

From: Penn Valley, Ca.

3.0 4 Cyl. 236 H.P. 3306 Lbs. 152 MPH. Porsche produced the 968 from 1992 - 1995. During that period a total of 2,234 Coupes and 2,008 Cabriolets were built. Only 561 featured the new optional Tiptronic Transmission. On June 4th,1993 this Cabriolet with the 123rd Tiptronic Transmission was produced. Due to low sales, Porsche re-vined the cabriolet on June 15, 1993 and made it available for the 1994-year model. In 1994 a total of 681 Cabriolets were available for the USA & Canadian markets. Only 37 were Black / Black Top / Cashmere Interior with the optional Tiptronic Transmission.