2022 Monterey Car Detail

Werks Reunion

1970 911 RSR Tribute

Color: Gray

From: Palo Alto, CA

The Freak was half done when found in 2015. Nothing is period perfect and that is “how we like it”. The bodywork and some of the interior was done. Numbers matching engine and transaxle are crated. A 1980’s engine has been built to 3.4L and carbureted by Wayland Motorsports. Dansk dual exhaust, 5 speed 915 transaxle. Scheel sport seats were modified to be 1.5” wider than stock. Wheels built by Harvey Weidman, completed in 2018 after 2 yrs. Harvey said “now your car is one of the cool kids”. The paint is light gray but wrapped in Slate Gray. The car is driven and tracked often.