2022 Monterey Car Detail

Werks Reunion

1964 356 C Outlaw

Color: Slate Gray

From: Livermore, Ca.

In 2003 I found this car locally in need of a total restoration, that came 912 parts car. With the parts from the 912 I decided to take the plunge and build an Outlaw. After enjoying the car with the 5 speed & 900 rear suspension I took it off the road in 2017 to complete what I started 14 yrs. prior. Finished in 2020 along with widening the rear fenders of the car, it now has a 2.7 ltr. 914/4 engine with 911 style cooling, F.I. Crank fire ignition, & Dry sumped. Thanks to Lighthall Classics for paint & bodywork. Thanks to Greg Taylor for his assistance installing the interior.